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George Herman House is a transitional, residential home for women recovering from mental health diagnoses in Toronto, that focuses on holistic programming, good nutrition and compassionate support. 

The George Herman House Memorial Foundation fundraises to provide in house holistic programming, activities & therapies. 

Our Mission

GHH is recognized for its unique service model that is based on a holistic, strength-based and self-responsible approach to living a healthy, well-balanced and creative life, while coping with a mental health diagnosis.

            We respect the rights and dignity of our residents and encourage them to make individual choices.                                  


 We strive towards supporting our residents as they work towards achieving their goals.

We see our residents as whole individuals and work with them to nurture their aspirations,

strengths and creative genius.

We aim to create a caring community environment where everyone feels safe and

a valued member of our community.

We encourage ongoing connections with the greater community for reasons of education, work and play.

GHH is a charitable, non-profit organization, managed by the George Herman House Memorial Fund's Volunteered Board of Directors

Despite COVID19 restrictions, George Herman House's Board of Directors video conference regularly to over see that Residents & Programming are being Integrated and moved to a new location


How to help

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