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Compassionate Support, Key to recovery from Mental Health Diagnoses

Toronto’s George Herman House is a successful model of supportive, empowering lifestyle strategies for women recovering from mental health diagnoses.

Largely underfunded by the government, GHH is dependent on a group of all volunteered and currently, all women board of directors who over see a memorial fund legacy.

George Herman lost a sister, who struggled with mental health and his wife Nina - a social worker, vowed to create a home where women could be safeguarded, supported and valued. What makes this transitional home unique, is it’s non institutionalized demeanour; specifically, the women are given the tools to live independent, holistic lifestyles.

Recovery is dependent on guidance, social interaction and honest nurturing. The established Sistering that exists at GHH is a result of the board working together, supportive staff, communication and the family bonding the residents experience as they live together - managing their own home.

Normalizing mental illness and emotional unwellness is important, because mental health has the potential to affect us all. If it takes a village to raise a child, consider the support necessary to reestablish independent functioning in a person who has been stigmatized for their struggles.

Compassionate support is the key to recovery for the female residents at George Herman House. Their stay at the home transitions them into living independent lives when they re integrate into society.

GHH’s Memorial fund raises awareness, requests “gifts in kind” and would appreciate financial support or donations for items like; TTC tokens, in home workshops, counselling, special outings, toiletries, clothing and various forms of appropriate entertainment.

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