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Time Heals. Recovering from Trauma

During an early dinner with former Forensic Psychiatric Nurse, Margie Kiersnowski, (current Co Chair on George Herman House’s Board of Directors) the topic of “Acceptance” came up. Acceptance, as she stated, comes with time.

We spoke of how being in a state of acceptance is the ultimate goal when a person is recovering from traumatic events such as; abuse, war, rape, violence, rejection, betrayal and abandonment. There’s the shock and then there’s the emotional rollercoaster as a person wades through the various stages of grieving the event.

Anger, resentment, anxiety, sorrow, guilt, isolation, all play a respective part as a person is recovering from reliving the trauma. Nothing can move forward if the trauma isn't spoken about. In time, everything heals but the amount of time needed varies from person to person.

Open discussion, clear communication, acceptance and time.

At George Herman House, every aspect of our residents’ well being is strived for. With charitable funding GHH can bring in psychotherapy, alternative healing practitioners and healthy food. Find out how you can help.

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