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Preventing Death by Suicide

Depression is private and invisible.

It’s not just sadness, it’s overwhelming hopelessness. And it can affect anyone.

Depression is so common that 3 out of 5 people have experienced struggles at some point of their lives. Depression is exhausting, once someone is in it, they find it difficult to overcome the dread. But there’s always hope. There’s always help.

Everybody has dark days. Poor regulation of emotional states can be corrected with medication, communication and loving support. Therapy helps. Suicide is preventable.

Emotionally immature attitudes that think suicide is cowardly, selfish or weak, actually discredit prevention attempts and fuel suicidal thoughts. Its like punishing someone for feeling unworthy and then expecting them to smarten up. It’s heartless.

If you suspect someone is suicidal, make yourself available to listen. Provide resources. If you feel suicidal or want to self harm, talk about it with someone you trust or call a hotline, there’s always a solution. There’s always a new friend.

Suicide is a permanent reaction to a temporary condition.

George Herman House is a Transitional home for women recovering from Mental Health Diagnoses, in Toronto. The House became a memorial dedication to the Sister of George Herman, who lost her life while struggling with her mental health at a time when social services were under supported, under recognized and under valued.

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