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Nutritious Foods Heal Mind, Body & Soul

Scientific research strongly supports that a healthy, nutritious diet is as important to mental health as it is to physical health, in fact, studies show that eating wholistic food, helps to reduce and regulate depression and anxiety.

Good food is good medicine and healthy eating is essential to the dietary needs of anyone recovering from any kind of illness.

In all government supported facilities, limited budgets affect operation. Usually the quality of daily meal preparation suffers. This is why transitional housing is often symbolic of a comfort food, cigarettes, & day long coffee drinking, culture. We at George Herman House, feel differently towards recovery strategies. We have learned that exclusive consummation of meals prepared with artificial additives and processed ingredients, impair bodies and make a person feel worse. Poor food makes for poor people and our aim is to heal, support and help our female residents to recover.

Meal Preparation skills are taught. Everyday the Ladies make their meals in groups and make a point to always dine together. There is a feeling of accomplishment, bonding and companionship.

Our year long fundraising efforts help us to sustain an adequate meal preparation program. Gifted donations allow us to order fresh food from farm based markets, buy affordable meats and dairy products from local sources and bring in naturopaths, nutritionists and better lifestyle practitioners. Everybody deserves to feel better.

Please consider promoting our efforts by sponsorship, publicity or in kind monetary donations. At very least - share this story!

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