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When we talk about Mental Health

When we Talk about Mental Health, we encourage open mindedness and compassion. We also take away fear because with repeated conversations, we normalize the probability, that anyone can be affected by mental illness. Stigma is created from fear.

Those diagnosed aren’t scary; they have damaged cognitive skills, memories, behaviour, brain injury or imbalances. They may be temporarily in their condition, struggling with addiction or trauma. It’s unlikely they will hurt you - They’re more likely to hurt themselves which affects those around them, possibly you.

Your judgement can tip the scales between recovery and failure to thrive.

A diagnosed person’s family and friends are integral to their redemption from mental unwellness, because One cannot recover without acceptability and communication. Although society has made great strides toward acknowledging and accommodating psychological and emotional wellness, we still fall short of those that are still underdeveloped emotionally. I am not speaking of those that have been diagnosed, I am referring to the those that stand in a place of critical judgement and superiority. They are underdeveloped emotionally.

If you still think that mental illness is a weakness - then you are the problem.

Everybody experiences anxiety, grief, sorrow and the need for self assertion, the ailment or impairment called mental illness is when we are unable to regulate these behaviours and ways of thinking.

Let's talk about it. Let's accept it. Love and support who you are with, they're in your life for a reason.

I have a memory. A sad memory about stigma. I have heard extended family members say "So and So is Crazy" This statement, said often - was in judgement, was uttered as though it was as a valid reason to banish that person from our family. This way of thinking, is what illicits shame, not the person who struggled.

Stigma: a mark of disgrace associated with a particular circumstance, quality or person.

(Origin late 16th Century; denoting a mark made by pricking or branding)

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