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Bring Joy into your life

Author with Long time friend

Living deliriously happy isn’t obtainable, of course, but living with Joy is indeed, possible.

We live with ups and downs, challenges and unavoidable obstacles. It is healthy to voice our dislikes, it is okay if you find it difficult to navigate disappointment. But true healing comes from learning to move on from what displeases us. Over complaining is habit forming.

Complaining brings you down. It doesn’t allow Joy the ability to manifest in your life.

Living content paves the way to gratitude, which encourages happiness, appreciation and joy. Joy is what we’re after. It’s a magical healing energy that radiates and spreads with good cheer.

To bring Joy into your life, start small. Take the time to savour the little things in life. The comfort of your home, the beauty of nature, the presence of those around you. Learn to like the people in your life and truly find value in the people you meet each day. Judging, blaming, competing with and being threatened by someone else, robs a person of joy. Ask yourself, exactly why you are doing it.

Have you ever tried living by the five precepts of Reiki? I personally owe this philosophy recognition for helping me to overcome great physical, emotional and spiritual pain. Integrating this ideology has brought me Joy. Joy makes me feel great and I’d like to pass this wonderful healing strategy on.

Joy can come naturally into your life and help you to survive. It’s a tiny little spark, that has the ability to spread - so go ahead and expose it to your family, co workers and your community.

Repeat after me!

~ Just for today…. I will not anger

~ Just for today…. I will not worry

~ Just for today…. I will be honest

~ Just for today….. I will have compassion

~ Just for today…. I will be grateful.

Faithful dedication of these silently said mantras, brings Joy into your life. Try it.

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