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Dine Together for Healing

A key component of everyday life at George Herman House, is that the women plan, prepare and sit down to eat their daily meals. Together they experience a sense of accomplishment and community. Conversations are started, life skills are learned and time together with other people, prevents loneliness and isolation.

This everyday ritual is the secret to not only promoting social well being, but also an environment to learn nutritional values and communal living abilities. We fair much better emotionally and physically when we dine and share meals.

We laugh. We engage. We develop positive interpersonal relationships that help us emotionally mature. We find our voice when encouraged by others to do so and we are comforted by the very primal need of nutritional substance. Eating together is soothing and healing.

George Herman House’s holistic programming is a Legacy of holistic strategies that should be made available to all recipients of Mental Health Care, don't you think?

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