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Be Kind Online: Fear, Righteousness and Judgement

It’s April 2020 and the world is experiencing a global, viral pandemic. Like everywhere else, the residents of George Herman House are in isolation. As residents in common, they are a large household that co exit and are guided to live beyond fear, righteousness and judgement.

Because of caring management, the women are counselled on how to cope with the unprecedented, state of emergency. They, know more than anyone that mental illness isn’t a deterrent to live beyond barriers, perceptions and opinions.

People come with a spectrum of convictions that vary, based on emotional development, sense of entitlement and fear. Mankind right now is in survival mode and unfortunately that often translates into bullying. Online comments, in particular can become, sources of cruelty.

Space is limited, folks tend to type out one specific thought and without room for explanation - there is misinterpretation. As a result there is obstinance and name calling.

Those who have contracted COVID19 are not criminals, they are unfortunate.

In my urban community, there is a high presence of caremongering. There are a lot of offerings to volunteer, check in on other people and offers of emotional support. There are timed salutes to support healthcare workers and rallied projects to make homemade masks and gather food.

There are many out of work or severely underemployed, I’m one of them.

Unfortunately, there is also great fear mongering. Anger against rule breakers. Contempt against an influx of travellers returning from wherever, people moving to the seasonal cottages they usually inhabit, albeit earlier and people who have already had planned moves, relocations and have chosen to live elsewhere because they have a family member who works the frontlines.

There are always two sides to every story. Always.

So be kind online.

A kindly thought so often helps a sad heart on it’s way,

Although we cannot always see

The good it does that day

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