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Ending 2020 in a State of Grace

The Year 2020 took us by storm. Corona Virus. COVID 19. Sick, dying and devastating. We may have all been in the same storm but not all of us were in the same circumstance. Many lost jobs, worked in high risk situations, or simply had to reevaluate how we lived, worked and interacted socially.

For some, the year has been emotionally trying, isolating and not hopeful. But for others, there has been a call to action, with more community involvement and charity. I personally and gratefully, didn't see true pandemic hardship quite so much and I know this because I usually Write my Feelings. I didn't binge on the negative, I got more involved & positive.

I like every member of George Herman House's Board, wish to extend heartfelt virtual wishes to everyone, everywhere - during this Holiday Season, the New Year, we assure you, will bring hope and new beginnings.

Each Member contributes towards one common goal, that being, the comfort and wellness of all the House's residents. We know each one of them deserves our compassion, our care and we all wish them good health and much happiness.

Everybody needs Somebody, Sometime!

George Herman House, is moving towards merging with another facility and the Board will eventually resign.

There's a lifetime of dedication and a story behind the story that we like to tell others.

Metaphorically there's a kinship and a passage of time, not unlike 2020's Global Pandemic. The New Year will bring Hope. It's the beginning of the end and we all have much to look forward to. Mental Health is not the great big scary monster once thought -its just a state of mind that deserves compassion, benefits from cognitive behaviour training and time.

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