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Daphne Anastassiadis has been involved with George Herman House since 2009.


Daphne's education and career have been reflective of her passion for supporting individuals in discovering their own strength and resilience.


As Executive Director, she is honored to be entrusted to preserve the empowering, holistic, practice that makes this organization a place of transformation and growth. 


Jane Montague joins George Herman House as program coordinator following five years of professional placement in the field of mental health & addiction.


She has worked with various major organizations throughout the City of Toronto. 


Utilizing a feminist framework in her approach  focusing on empowerment.

She is also a trained yoga and pilates instructor and is happy to bring the practice of movement into the house as an integral part of healing and recovery. 


Kim Sedore is a settler on a de-colonial journey. She is an artist in the name of love, anti-oppression, honesty, collective resilience, life in all forms.


The formalities of her education through MSW at Laurier, MA in Comparative Religion at Concordia, and BAH in Philosophy at Queen’s University work in conjunction with an education of dirt, sweat, sunshine, new and long running relations, cooking fires in rainstorms, following the “lost”, and relishing in feedback.

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Board of Directors 2019 -2020

The group that governs Toronto’s George Herman House meet monthly, reassess annually and offer up expertise in the areas of law, finance, fundraising, communications, feminism, holistic living and of course, mental health. 

Together, this dynamic, volunteered, all Women Board are a powerhouse of varying skills that steer a unique service model that is based on a holistic, independent approach to healthy living. The current residents benefit from their direction. 


CO CHAIRS     Margie Kiersnowski * Former Forensic Psychiatric Nurse

                                                            Real Estate Professional


                         Alicia Hogan             * Registered Massage Therapist 

Treasurer          Karen DeBortoli        *Lawyer, Researcher, Speaker & Lecturer 

Secretary          Karyn Klaire Koski    *Communications, Content Producer

                         Sonia Shields            *Post Production Supervisor / Manager

                         Lorna Yates               *Lawyer 

                         Stephanie Kuzoff       *Investment Advisor 

                         Lubna Khalid              *Production Coordinator Working for Change


At the 2018 - 2019 AGM
  1. Margie Kiersnowski            Co Chair                                Former Forensic Psychiatric Nurse | Real Estate Professional 

  2. Alicia Hogan                       Co Chair                                Registered Massage Therapist

  3. Karen DeBortoli                  Treasurer                              Lawyer, Researcher, Speaker & Lecturer

  4. Karyn Klaire Koski              Secretary                               Communications, Writer, Researcher, Content Producer

  5. Sonia Shields                     Chair Emeritus                       Post Television Production Supervisor/Manager

  6. Lisa Randall                       Chair Emeritus                       Program Manager at CultureLink Settlement & Community Services

  7. Lornas Yates                                                                    Lawyer

  8. Lubna Khalid                                                                     Program Coordinator at Working for Change

  9. Stephanie Kuzoff                                                               Investment Advisor 

  10. Jo-Ann Goldsmith              Executive Director                  George Herman House 

2017-2018  Annual Fundraiser 



Co Chairs  

Lisa Randall &  Margie Kiersnowski

back left    Julia Marsh, Karen DeBortoli,                                             Sonia Shields

middle      Jo-Ann Goldsmith, (ED)

                 Lubna Khalid,                                               Lisa Randall, Lorna Yates,

                 Margie Kiersnowski

front          Alicia Hogan, Karyn Klaire Koski

​The volunteer Board of Directors of the George Herman Memorial Foundation is composed of caring, committed professionals, bringing a wealth of knowledge, business and life experience. They ensure that GHH will remain open for business for many years to come.

Board of Directors
  • Lisa Randall, 
  • Program Manager, CultureLink Settlement and Community Services, Non-profit Leadership
  • Margie Kiersnowski, Co-Chair
  • Former registered nurse specialized in Psychiatry (17 yrs),
  • real estate salesperson
  • Karen DeBortoli, Treasurer
  • Lawyer, Researcher, Speaker & Lecturer
  • Julia Marsh, Co-Secretary
  • Executive Producer, Post-Production
  • Sonia Shields Co Chair
  • Post Production Supervisor/Manager
  • Karyn Klaire Koski Co-Secretary
  • Holistic Lifestyle Researcher/Writer
  • Blogger, Digital & Video Content Producer
  • Lubna Khalid
  • Women Speak Out Coordinator, Working for Change
    Beth McCoy 
     Business Development


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