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"Welcome to George Herman House"

George Herman House is a safe and supportive environment that promotes living a healthy, productive life.

Residents learn about making choices that contribute to their stability and good health. Our program is designed to combat the isolation of a mental health diagnosis and improve the quality of women’s lives. Self knowledge and self responsibility are key steps in building a life of healthy independence. The following are crucial elements of GHH:

  • Respect for diversity within the community

  • No active involvement with substance abuse

  • Awareness of the food that is going into one's body and the role it plays in stable mental health

  • Offering of complementary health care practices like massage, homeopathy, yoga

  • Encouragement of creative expression and enterprise

Living at George Herman House provides opportunities to learn and master essential life skills.

These include but are not limited to:

  • Realistic goal setting while identifying personal needs and desires

  • Food preparation with nutritional awareness and fresh ingredients

  • Financial budgeting support

  • Personal hygiene and grooming

  • Chores and housecleaning

  • Engaging in the greater community through resources, education and training

  • Interpersonal skills, i.e. conflict management, social interaction

The staff works with each resident to develop and build community connections that will assist in any future transition to independence.

Personal growth is emphasized, with support in such areas as:

  • Self-care

  • Realistic goal setting and evaluation

  • Healthy interpersonal skills

  • Understanding emotions and how they affect our lives

While living at GHH all the residents attend a weekly house meeting and learn to voice their needs, observations and contributions to life in a community setting. Also offered are weekly groups for Life Skills training and Personal Growth.

Participating in other community programs is encouraged as added support and enrichment for each resident.

We have ongoing working relationships with many of the vital mental health programs and agencies throughout Greater Toronto. We encourage the residents to participate in the wide variety of enriching opportunities available to them in the greater community agencies, organizations and educational institutions.

Residential Home

centrally located in Toronto

garden sanctuary

residents spearheaded and maintain their own garden


residents make their own nutritious meals

dining room

residents dine together


social time is encouraged


comfortable relaxed atmostphere

craft supplies

art therapy room

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